Kids With Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders Show Differences in Brain Wiring

From: News Wise Researchers at UC San Francisco have found that children with sensory processing disorders have decreased structural brain connections in specific sensory regions different than those in autism, further establishing SPD as a clinically important neurodevelopmental disorder.The … [Read more...]

Preschool Depression May Continue for a Decade

From: Psych Central New research discovers early childhood depression increases the risk that a child will be depressed throughout their formative school years. Washington University researchers discovered children who had depression as preschoolers were 2.5 times more likely to suffer from the … [Read more...]

Is There No Solution to Senseless Overdose Deaths?

From: Charleston Gazette The following is an Editorial in the Charleston Gazette. Charleston’s Dr. Dan Foster and other compassionate reformers want to require prescriptions for cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine, to stop criminals from buying cartloads of the over-the-counter pills and … [Read more...]

Five Tips for Overcoming Insecurity in Relationships

From: Good Therapy Insecurity is one of the trickiest relationship issues because it tends to create a self-perpetuating cycle. Insecure people frequently cling to their partners, which causes their partners to pull away, worsening the insecurity. Feelings of insecurity often begin … [Read more...]

Fixing Mental Health Services without Coercion

From: Care For Your Mind By: Harvey Rosenthal Outpatient commitment typically involves mandating individuals to accept the same treatment approaches that have already failed or deterred them in the past. We know a lot more about how to help people in severe distress, but these methods are … [Read more...]

Summer Can Be Time to Address Behavior Problems

From: Science Daily   Summertime is a time for sun and fun, but with kids spending more time at home, it could also be a time of whining and bickering. After weeks of the kids being out of school, some parents have had enough of their behavior and are counting the days until they go back. … [Read more...]

29 Quick Tips to Bounce Back in Life

From: Psych Central 1. Realize that change is always going to be in your life. Expect it. “I always thought things would calm down and get easier. I’m beginning to think that’s not going to happen.” Phoebe Howard, age 99. 2. Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself as you would your … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Take a Mental Vacation

From: Everyday Health Small stressors can quickly add up to major stress and one big stressful event can send you reeling, with no idea of how to start addressing it. If you could just get away for a little stress relief, you know you would be okay. But too few of us have the time — or the … [Read more...]

Aerobic Exercise May Boost Memory

From: Psych Central Older women with mild cognitive impairment may benefit significantly from regular aerobic exercise, new findings show. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is an established risk factor for dementia and “represents a vital opportunity for intervening,” say Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose … [Read more...]

Would Your Life Be Better if You Owned More Things?

From: Psych Central Materialists are those who have a central life focus on acquiring more things. They often relate their happiness directly to their possessions while declaring these goods as both the main source of life satisfaction and a symbol of their success in life. The answer they give to … [Read more...]

How Emotions Can Affect Your Health

From: Psych Central You’ve probably heard your share of stories like the following told by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, on the site “Women to Women“: A patient came in to see me describing constant heavy bleeding menorrhagia. We tried dietary changes, supplements and other purely physical … [Read more...]

What Do You Know About Schizophrenia?

From: Psych Central Schizophrenia occurs in about 1 percent of the general U.S. population. That means that more than 3 million Americans suffer from the illness. The disorder manifests itself in a broad range of unusual behaviors, which cause profound disruption in the lives of the patients … [Read more...]

Highland Hospital-Charleston CEO Friday Message

2013-11-12 16.11.22

Cynthia Persily, PhD, RN, FAAN   Dr. Persily is the CEO of Highland Hospital in Charleston, WV.  This week, I had the pleasure to meet with a representative of a company who administers outcome based wellness programs. As we actively look at how we can decrease healthcare costs for our … [Read more...]

Highland Hospital Proud to Support the Children’s Therapy Clinic

Highland Hospital is once again proud to support the Children's Therapy Clinic 'Make a Miracle' 5k Run/Walk and 10k Run on August 9, 2014 beginning at 9:00 a.m. at Coonskin Park. Tee shirts, prizes, refreshments, goody bags and the opportunity to help a wonderful organization await you at the Make … [Read more...]

Highland TV Show Highlights Charleston Spay Neuter Center and Parkinson’s Research


Highland Highlights is a 30 minute weekly TV show featuring organizations, events, grass-roots efforts and people who move our state and community forward in a positive way. The show is a collaboration with Highland Hospital, Kanawha County Schools and Suddenlink. The show airs daily at 8:30 a.m. … [Read more...]

Active Father-Figure Helps Kids


From: Psych Central A new research study highlights the benefit of an active father figure for reducing behavioral problems in boys and psychological problems in young women. Swedish researchers also found that regular positive contact reduces criminal behavior among children in low-income … [Read more...]

How to Use Self-Talk to Improve Performance

From: Psych Central Do you ever talk to yourself? Although it’s not always a conscious habit, most of us practice self-talk on a daily basis, as a way of guiding, motivating or supporting ourselves. Maybe you’re heading to the store and start running through a list of all the items you need to … [Read more...]

Is Guilt or Shame Keeping You Down?

From: Everyday Health By Therese Borchard I started this column about guilt—why it stalks me. Why, no matter how hard I try to be a good girl, I can’t get rid of the knot in my stomach that says I’ve been busted, just like I was with a bottle of vodka at band camp in high school. However, … [Read more...]

Good Health in a Mug: The Delicious Benefits of Green Tea

From: Everyday Heath It’s a sign of the times: Starbucks now features green tea latte and green tea lemonade among its many tea beverages. While green tea has been consumed in China, Japan, and other parts of Asia for millennia, its popularity in the U.S. is fairly recent. (Black—not … [Read more...]

What Really Works in Disciplining Your Teen


  From: Psych Central Parenting teens is tricky. Some parents, worried their teens will make bad decisions, micromanage their behavior. They set a slew of rules and parent with iron fists, lectures and fear-based tactics. This, however, tends to drive teens away and disconnects them from … [Read more...]