The Positive Side of Feeling Negative Emotions

From: Psych Alive How can we best deal with our day-to-day emotional reactions? What can we do when our partner lets us down, when we have a struggle with our child, or when we feel provoked by a friend? Oddly enough, the first piece of advice is to stay with the pain. It turns out we expend much … [Read more...]

13 Questions To Help You Find Your Purpose In Life

From: Mind Body Green By: Ashley Dentino Many people frequently find themselves living one life, but yearning for something more. And that yearning usually doesn't just happen once; it often happens every couple of years. You may start feeling a stir inside that brings questions to … [Read more...]

Preventing Mental Disorders in Children and Teens

Children Mental Health

  From: Psych Central By: Holly Brown, LMFT As parents, we’re trying to do a million things to promote the well-being of our children.  Mental health, though, often gets short shrift. Not all mental health disorders can be avoided (genetics do play a role here.)  But their impact can … [Read more...]

The 7 Habits of Highly Adaptable Companies

From: CNBC By: Frank Kenna Although The Marlin Company is 102 years old, the majority of our evolution has come over the past 11 years. It was driven by technological change that put most of our then competitors in the printing sector out of business. We not only survived but are experiencing … [Read more...]

How To Design A Peaceful, More Fulfilling Life

From: Mind Body Green  By: Saren Stiegel Do you ever find good things happening, but you're too frazzled to appreciate them? A few weeks ago, I found myself in a tizzy. I was creating the stage for my dream life, but lots of pieces were not working: I had figured out a way to combine my loves of … [Read more...]

Daydreams May Improve Cognition

From: Psych Central By: Rick Nauert, Ph.D. Repetitious, monotonous tasks often result in a wandering mind. This daydreaming behavior is frequently criticized as a lack of discipline and an action that hinders future performance. New research now suggests daydreaming involves more than just … [Read more...]

The Comeback After Trauma in Your Life

From: Good Therapy By: Jeremy McAllister, MA, LPCI   Trauma moves energy levels away from baseline to extremes of hyperarousal (“too much,” panic, overwhelm) and sometimes hypoarousal (“low,” lethargy, emptiness), not only alternating but sometimes getting stuck in either extreme. When … [Read more...]

Drug Problem Has Become Serious Health Crisis

From: Huntington Herald-Dispatch The following is an Editorial by Matthew Rohrbach, Delegate representing Cabell County District 17 Huntington, WV... I want to take this opportunity to update the citizens of the Tri-State area on the steps being taken by the West Virginia Legislature to combat the … [Read more...]

Who Can You Trust?

From: Psychology Today By: Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D. One of the most important decisions you make in life is deciding who to trust.  Trusting the wrong person can result in abusive relationships, date rape, being taken advantage of, financial losses, next morning walks of shame. and many other … [Read more...]

8 Ways To Maintain A Strong Connection With Your Kids

From: Mind Body Green By: Sheryl Paul  As we become more connected to our smartphones and other devices, there's an increasing sense of disconnection and loneliness that pervades our lives. While we may expect this feeling with acquaintances such as neighbors and colleagues, we need to start … [Read more...]

Highland Hospital Proud to Support the Charleston Ballet

swan lake

Highland Hospital is proud to be a long-standing supporter of the Charleston Ballet.  The Charleston Ballet concludes their 58th Season on March 6 and 7, 2015 at the Municipal Auditorium with performances of Swan Lake at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and a 2:00 p.m. Matinee on March 7, 2015. Undoubedly … [Read more...]

Practice these Steps to Make More Heart-Centered Choices

From: Psych Central By: Eve Hogan Often in my work I encourage people to create a target of all the things they want in their lives and we post them on one side of the room. These usually include words like: love, happiness, peace, health, adventure, abundance, spirituality, joy, family, travel, … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Increasing Your Self-Confidence

From: Psych Central By: Heather Creighton Confident people carry themselves differently and have certain characteristics that distinguish them from their more doubt-laden counterparts. The ability to stand strong is an asset when facing life’s difficulties, but developing that strength does not … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Life Better by Sending Five Simple Emails

From: Time How to make your life better? All you need is email. I’ve covered a lot of research on how to make your life better but many people struggle with implementing changes because it seems like a major undertaking. It doesn’t have to be. You can make strides in 5 fundamental areas by … [Read more...]