Why You Must Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

From: Positively Positive By: Christine Gutierrez “Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in awhile; take the risks in life that seem worth taking. The ride might not be as predictable if you’d just planted your feet and stayed put, but it will be a heck of a lot more … [Read more...]

5 Tips To Get Posture You’re Proud Of

From: Mind  Body Green By: Annalicia Lynn About 12 years ago, back when you had to wait to develop film before you see your pictures, I was anxiously awaiting some photos of a girls' weekend with some great friends. I couldn't wait to get the prints back, visions of an evening spent scrapbooking … [Read more...]

The One Word People Need to Say More

From: CNBC By: Jon Acuff Hustle is the most overused, misunderstood word on the Internet right now. It sounds a bit like an axe body spray flavor with everybody constantly "hustlin'" and attributing quotes that sound like Rick Ross to Abraham Lincoln on Instagram. We tend to think … [Read more...]

Find Out the Meaning of Your Nightmares


From: Psych Central By: Diana C. Pitaru, M.S., LPC  Dreams have fascinated humanity since the beginning of time. Ancient spiritual leaders before religion, shamans in tribes and dream interpreters have all dabbled with understanding the meaning of dreams. Today dream science is still slow to … [Read more...]

Highland Hospital-Charleston CEO Friday Message

Cynthia Persily, PhD, RN, FAAN   Dr. Persily is the CEO of Highland Hospital in Charleston, WV Today, I had the opportunity to attend the WV Chapter of the American Health Care Executives' Spring meeting. The topic was performance improvement including blue ocean techniques as well as six sigma … [Read more...]

Highland Hospital to Provide Charleston Newspapers Health Fair

CNP health fair

Highland Hospital is proud once again to provide and organize the Annual Charleston Newspapers Health Fair. The fair is scheduled for Wednesday May 13, 2015 located in the Charleston Newspapers Riverview Conference Center on the 3rd Floor of the parking garage on McFarland Street in Charleston, WV … [Read more...]

3 New Psychology Research Findings You Should Know About

From: Psych Central By: Jonice Webb Lets face it. For us human beings, often the most difficult struggles in our lives come from inside of us. We are all essentially walking, talking bundles of emotions and issues. We can’t sleep, we’re in conflict, we get obsessed or we suffer from anxiety. … [Read more...]

Do Your Kids Know What You Do for a Living?


From: Life Reimagined By: Kara Baskin You go to work in the morning, come home at the end of the day, squeezing in your children’s piano recitals and soccer games along the way. As kids grow into teens and young adults, says parenting coach David Danzig, it’s important to share your career … [Read more...]

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. This month and throughout the year, our Highland Companies encourages all individuals and organizations to play a role in making our West Virginia community a better place for children and families. By ensuring that parents have the knowledge, … [Read more...]

Decode Your Stress Management Skills

From: Johns Hopkins Medicine Almost everyone experiences some form of stress. Take this quick quiz to discover what Johns Hopkins research has determined to be the best, heart-friendliest ways to cope with the stress in your life. We all talk to ourselves. But too often, that … [Read more...]