Living with an Alcoholic

From: Psych Central Living with an addict can be a living hell: unpredictable and dangerous, yet sometimes exciting and romantic. We never know when we’ll be blamed or accused. We can’t dependably plan social events. As the addict becomes more irresponsible, we pick up the slack and do more, often becoming the sole functioning parent […]

The Elements of Good Therapy

From: Good Therapy There are many models, or types of therapy, to choose from. We believe there are a handful of common denominators present in all forms of healthy, ethical therapy. These elements are described here: Nonpathologizing Viewing a person as greater than his or her problems is the hallmark of nonpathologizing therapy. It does […]

8 Surprising Habits that Might Prevent Authentic Happiness

From: Psych Central  By: Farnoosh Brock This may look good, sound good, and maybe even feel good at first, but it’s not serving you well in the end!  I’d hear this thought in my head over and over and still not believe it. But it had persisted ever since I started questioning the status quo […]